The HTR200 Series ‘smart’ transmitters are designed for use with RTD or Slidewire sensors. It is integrated into the MA style head making it ideal for applications where space is restricted as well as for temperature probes with short immersion lengths due to its light weight. It converts the sensor input to 4/20mA loop powered signal
The STA206 is a cost effective sensor and transmitter assembly housed in a 316 Stainless Steel body with an integral Pt100 sensor, transmitter and DIN connector. It has a standard process connection of 1/2″ BSP and a sensor stem diameter of 6mm. Immersion length needs to be specified at time of order.

The SEM710 is a new generation head mounted temperature transmitter with a built in temperature display. Ideal for indicating the process value at the point of measurement.

It has a universal input that has been designed to accept most common RTD and thermocouple sensor inputs and provide the user with a standard two wire (4 to 20) mA output signal. Isolation is provided between input and output and all temperature ranges are linear to temperature. The addition of a display provides the user with instant information of the loop condition at the point of measurement. It is available in either our SCH4 ABS plastic connection head or our SCH15 Stainless steel connector head. Both of which are available in sensor or wall mount versions.

The SEM320 is a HART field temperature transmitter compatible with HART 5 upwards (generic device) universal temperature transmitter with display. It accepts RTD, Thermocouple, Potentiometer or millivolt input signals and converts them to the industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. Alternatively, HART multidrop mode can be selected.

Housed in its own bespoke connection head, it is programmed using a communication lead (USB Config) together with our free configuration USBSpeedlink software. Standard HART features can also be programmed using HART communication.

The HART field temperature transmitter has a rotational five-digit display for the process value and a 5-digit display for messaging, in addition to a bar graph for % of mA output.

The SEM106/P is a cost effective “smart” temperature transmitter that accepts PT100 temperature sensors and converts sensor output over a configured range to a standard industrial (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. Supplied as a circuit board it is designed to be fitted into an OEM product.