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 Access Instrumentation supply the Thermo Scientific Sarasota range of gas density meters, specific gravity meters, and liquid density meters which meet the challenges of fiscal/custody transfer metering, liquefied gas metering, fuel gas management, and burner control through the continuous, accurate measurement of density, specific gravity or other density related variables within the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power industries. The savings available through the use of the meters, the availability of near real time control signals, and the low cost of ownership compared with alternative measurement methods such as chromatographs, make plant efficiency and optimization a reality
This product range has been discontinued. Please contact us for alternative options 
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The Sarasota FD900 Density Meter is designed for high accuracy density and density related measurement of gases, liquefied gases and low viscosity fluids. Providing continuous on-line density measurement, with accuracy to 0.1% of reading, the FD900 can be installed via sample by-pass or direct in-line. It is ideal for analyzer applications.

The Sarasota ID900 Insertion Density Meter – formerly the Sarasota ID700 Insertion Density Meter – gives accurate, continuous density measurement of gas, liquefied gases and low viscosity fluids in true process conditions with direct insertion into the pipeline or vessel by a choice of methods. With features such as a retractable option, via the RTR900, ensuring no downtime on pressurized lines, the Sarasota ID900 is a smart choice for process quality and control.

The Sarasota PD900 Pocket By-Pass Density Meter is designed specifically for the high accuracy measurement of gases. It provides continuous on-line density measurement at process conditions by directly mounting the thermowell into the pipeline. Ease of servicing ensures no downtime on pressurised lines, and no on-site calibration is required.

The Sarasota SG901 is a self-contained by-pass sample conditioner and gas specific gravity analyzer, used on dry and wet gases to measure density, pressure and temperature. With fast response times and accuracy to 0.2% of reading, the SG901 provides options for a variety of applications.
The Sarasota range of FD910 & FD950 liquid density meters which measure density or density related variables within the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage and general process industries.  With high accuracy available to +/-0.1Kg/m3 these online continuous liquid meters provide key information for process monitoring and control, quality control, product interface detection and custody transfer applications.
The Sarasota RTR900 retractor is a screw jack designed for use with ID900 density meters in high-pressure measurement applications.  It allows insertion and removal of the ID900 under operational line conditions, allowing measurement at true process conditions.  With integral seal housing, and stainless steel / aluminium bronze construction, the RTR900 has a wide operating temperature span and a high-pressure capability.
The Sarasota HME900 headmounted electronics option can be fitted to all density meters in the range and gives the user the power of control room electronics in the field with full HART compatibility. For applications requiring greater input/output flexibility or where the electronics are control room based, users may prefer the Sarasota CM515 panel mounted density converter.

The HME900 accepts period and PT100 signals from the density transducer plus, when required, a pressure signal from a pressure transducer enabling the full range of density calculations. The HME900 electronics will provide a loop powered 4-20mA output relative to density or a derived parameter with full HART compatibility

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific – Environmental and Process Monitoring Instruments.
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