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The SL56T / SL56T-A are self contained, multiple use, miniature temperature data loggers with the ability to record up to 125,440 temperatures over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (SL56T). 

The SL56T-A is supplied with a UKAS 17025 traceable calibration certificate and an improved accuracy of ±0.17°C over the range -25°C to +40°C.
Calibration tolerances up to ±0.12°C are available up on request.

Readings are stored in non-volatile memory so can be extracted if the battery is exhausted

  • Power : Internal Battery

  • Battery Life : Typically four years, 2 months at +20°C, 

  • Measuring Range: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

  • Accuracy : SL56T: ±0.5°C from -10°C to +65°C, ±1.0°C outside of this range

  • Accuracy : SL56T-A: ±0.1°C ±0.1% of calibrated span

  • Default calibration points -25°C, +4°C & +40°C. Providing ±0.17°C accuracy. Other calibration points available.

  • Resolution: 0.5°C in low resolution mode, 0.07°C in high resolution mode

  • Sample Rate: 5 minutes to 24 hours.

  • Number of Readings Stored : 125,440 in low resolution mode, 62,720 in high resolution mode

  • Dimensions : 17mm diameter x 6mm high

Signatrol SL50 Series features:
  • Low cost, miniature temperature data loggers

  • Available with various mounting options

  • Operation from -40°C to +125°C

  • Only 17mm diameter and 6mm thick

  • Up to 8000 Data Points

  • Various accuracies available

  • Watertight button enclosure available

  • TempIT-Lite Logging Software available FOC

The SL966 from Signatrol is a battery powered, multi-parametered pressure and temperature probe which enables you to manage and monitor your water data logging any time and anywhere. This flexible and cost effective product is compatible with our web software which configures the data via the internet and allows you accessibility at any time

Cadmus is the latest logging and alarming system, it is a battery powered WIFI enabled logger which, when used with our Ratifi Cloud based software package, provides professional data logging records combined with real time alarming facilities.

Thanks to GSM and cloud support, the real time tracking means you can check the status of your goods at any time. With the help of highly sensitive sensors, the alarm messages are sent immediately; regardless of whether you wish to monitor temperature, humidity, impact or incidence of light. You can check the status of your goods comfortably and reliably from any location with the help of tempmate-Cloud. 
SL7000 data logger from Signatrol Ltd. This flexible and practical logger allows logging of up to 9 variables as follows: 1 internal temperature, 1 internal RH, 4 universal external inputs (Volts, Current, Thermocouple, RTD or Thermistor), 1 external Temperature, 1 external RH and an external count (frequency) . The number of channels available is determined by the original configuration and the software settings)

The SL7104 data logger has a very flexible combination of inputs that include internal temperature and 4 universal inputs each which means they can be individually configured with the software to accept any combination of various  input types
The SL7104 data logger also has digital input which can be used as a trigger to start logging or as a pulse counter for interfacing with flow meters or other sensors with a pulse output
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