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The SCH4 series of probe connection heads has a wide range of entry sizes and positions. The head will accept standard connecting blocks and most standard head mounting transmitters. It also has to M2.5 threaded inserts which enable a low cost terminal block to be fitted for Energy Management applications.

Molded in general purpose ABS, the external fixing points provide a simple a rapid means of mounting sensors directly onto ducts, dispensing with the need for separate mounting plates.

The SCH11 is a low cost general purpose connection head. Cable entry is M20 and Sensor thread is M24. A cable gland is also supplied as standard.  Mounting holes are provided for temperature transmitters or connection blocks.

Manufactured in 321 grade stainless steel, the SCH15 has been designed with a single-entry body as well as a dual entry body to house the DM650TM, LP and SEM710TM products from Status Instruments.

The signal entry version has a M16 x 1.5 thread while the dual entry version adds a M20 x 1.5 cable entry thread as well as mounting for a in head temperature transmitter.

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