Signal Conditioning

Access Instrumentation is able to supply a range of signal conditioning equipment including signal isolators, trip amps and multifunctional units. In general these devices will take your standard process signals and can provide an isolated 4 to 20 mA re-transmission signal, a single changeover trip relay, twin normally open relays or various combinations.


imgThe Status Instruments MEDACS Series II is a totally new concept in DIN rail signal conditioning and consists of a family of DIN rail modules, each one having a high degree of functionality and configurability via a RS485 MODBUS serial communications interface. Single channel versions with an in-built keypad and digital display are available where functions can be accessed via the front panel keys, or dual channel versions are available for systems that require more local inputs. Each unit comes complete with an RS485 serial communications port, which enables the devices to be integrated into a complete process control system.

The functionality can be further enhanced by the inclusion of a Transfer Function Module Library (TFML). This enables complex transfer functions to be loaded into the device. These can be PID Control, tank linearisation curves, signal accumulators, max and min data logging etc. Alternatively custom functions can be generated to match your specific application and multiple devices can be grouped together to provide solutions for complex applications requiring more variables.

  • Single or Dual Channel Versions
  • RS485 MODBUS Serial Communications
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • High Packing Density
  • Status Instruments10 Year Warranty

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Status Instruments SEM1000 Series Loop Isolators

The SEM1000 series of loop powered analogue signal isolators comprises versions that are suitable for most applications. The small size of the SEM1000 series enables many more units to be installed in the same physical space. They provide high accuracy and can be connected to systems without significantly degrading system performance however zero and span adjustments can be made to remove any unwanted system errors.


SEM 1000The SEM1000 signal isolator is designed to be series connected into a new or existing 4 to 20 mA current loop and provides an isolated 4 to 20 mA signal capable of driving into 500 ohms. The output is powered from the input loop.



imgThe SEM1010 provides isolation between a field mounted, two-wire, 4 to 20 mA transmitter and a PLC type device with a common power supply. The two-wire transmitter connected to the input terminals of the SEM1010 does not require a power supply. The supply required to drive the transmitter is obtained from the power supply connected to the output terminals. Total isolation is maintained between the power supply on the output and the two-wire transmitter.



imgThe SEM1015 is a 4 to 20 mA isolator that can be configured to accept most of the common voltage ranges found in both commercial and industrial applications. The isolator range can be specified at time of order, but if required the user may re-range the transmitter to a new range.





imgThe SEM1020 is a low cost isolator requiring power supply connections on both the input and output terminals. If true isolation is to be maintained, the two power supplies used must be fully isolated from each other. The most common use for the SEM1020 is to provide extra drive capabilities from an existing 4 to 20 mA current loop.





imgThe SEM1200 is a low cost isolator that provides two isolated 4 to 20 mA outputs from a single 4 to 20 mA input. The output loops must be powered externally.






SEM1000 Series Provides:

  • High Accuracy / 0.05%
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Small Size / High Packing Density
  • 10 Year Warranty

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Status Instruments SEM1720  Dual Channel Signal Conditioner for Temperature Sensors

Status SEM 1720The SEM1720 is a dual channel signal conditioner designed to accept RTD, Thermocouple or Potentiometer sensors and provide isolated, industrial process output signals in mA or Volts. Each output channel may be linked to either input sensor or to a maths function of both sensor signals. This powerful feature allows the device to operate in a number of different modes.
The output signal can also be adjusted over the full working ranges (0 to 20) mA or (0 to 10) V, to provide common or custom process signals, examples (4 to 20) mA, (0 to 1) mA, (1 to 5)V.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Loop Powered
  • Small Size
  • Mains Rated Relays
  • Single or Dual Trip
  • Trip State LED Indication
  • Active High or Low

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Status Instruments SEM1300 Series 24VDC Power Supply

imgThe SEM1300 is a DIN Rail mounted power supply that provides a regulated 24V DC output @ 250 mA from an AC supply ranging from (90 to 253) VAC (50 to 60) Hz.

Ideally suited to powering 24 V process instrumentation and signal conditioning modules, the small size of the SEM1300 now enables many more units to be installed in a smaller space than was previously possible.

The high efficiency of the SEM1300 power supply and its very cool running operation ensures a lower ambient temperature rise and hence improved reliability.

  • Small Size
  • Universal Input Supply
  • High Packing Density
  • Cool Running

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Data Track Tracker 300 Series

imgThe Tracker 300 series is a low cost, DIN Rail mounted, multifunctional PID Controller, signal conditioner, and trip amplifier. With RS485 MODBUS RTU communications and with a built in power supply it provides genuine single loop integrity.

  • Universal 20-bit input
  • Signal isolation
  • 2-wire communications link
  • PSU for 24VDC 2-wire device or 10VDC strain gauge

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