Radio / GSM Telemetry

Access Instrumentation supply the Churchill Controls Data Link 2000 range of Telemetry.

Data Link 2000 offers a very flexible approach to the problem of transferring signals between industrial plant on distributed sites. By using radio or private wires as a communication medium it offers low installation charges and minimal ongoing running costs.

Applications range from simple point to point systems to large schemes interfacing with PLCs and SCADA systems.

The Radio Telemetry uses Operating Frequency ETS 300 220-1 458 MHz Telemetry Band which allows unlicensed transmission on any of the 32 bands available with a power output of up to 500 mW.

Micro Link

imgThe Churchill Controls MicroLink is the basic building block for any telemetry system.

The MicroLink comes supplied with digital input and outputs and analogue inputs and outputs, and can be configured for a Radio or Leased Line system. Additional expansion modules can be connected to the MicroLink to increase the signal capability up to 512 digital inputs / outputs, 256 analogue inputs, and 128 analogue outputs.

Other functions such as communication fail alarms, inverting digitals, and value on communications fail can be simply programmed in.

Configuration and diagnostics can be completed via a PC link and DCD Software.

  • 8 digital inputs / 8 digital outputs
  • 2 analogue inputs / 2 analogue outputs
  • expansion modules
  • Modbus or Allen-Bradley protocol

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Nano Link

imgThe Churchill Controls NanoLink is a general-purpose outstation with 4 digital inputs and 2 analogue inputs, with the option of also including 4 digital outputs and 2 analogue outputs.

The NanoLink internal power supply can be either Alkaline Battery, Mains Power with Battery Back Up, or DC Powered. The NanoLink has been optimised for low power consumption, to the extent that it will operate for at least 2 years on low cost Alkaline Batteries, with battery operation having the advantage of significantly lower installation and running costs.

Other functions such as District Monitoring, Exception Reporting, and full compatibility with the Churchill Controls MicroLink means that the NanoLink can be used either in a simple point to point configuration or as a low cost outstation within a more complex telemetry system.

Configuration is via simple dip switch settings whilst diagnostics can be completed via a MicroLink or an Alpha Numeric Display.

  • 4 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs
  • 2 analogue inputs / 2 analogue outputs
  • low power and battery powered options
  • exception reporting

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GSM Link

The Churchill Controls GSM Link is a telemetry outstation that operates on the GSM mobile telephone networks enabling telemetry to be installed anywhere there is mobile telephone network coverage.

The outstation can communicate using SMS messaging to and from a mobile phone and can also respond to GSM data requests from a Base Station.

Using a standard mobile phone a user can configure the GSM Link to send SMS messages showing the status of its inputs in an easy to read format. The user can configure the inputs on the Outstation to be alarm inputs. When an alarm criteria is reached the Outstation will automatically dial out an SMS message to the user’s mobile phone.

Increased functionality can be achieved by using a PC Basestation to communicate with the GSM Link. Using the Churchill Controls GSM PC Link software a database can be compiled of multiple Outstations. In addition to the handling of alarm calls the Basestation can be used to retrieve logged data.

  • 4 digital inputs
  • 2 analogue (customer configurable)
  • data logging
  • GSM PC Link Software

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Ultra Link

The Churchill Controls UltraLink has been developed to provide the ideal flexible solution for CSO and Sewer Monitoring.

The UltraLink uses Pulsar Ultrasonic Transducers with Datum echo processing which are well suited to meet the often difficult operating conditions found within Combined Sewer Outflow and other Sewer applications, coping with chambers cluttered with structures.

The UltraLink offers real time reporting of levels, high level alarms, overflows etc and with low power radio, leased line, or GSM transmission data can be transferred to main telemetry Outstations, SCADA, or PLCs for onward transmission if required.

  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 analogue / 1 level input
  • ATEX Certified Level Transducers
  • Local and GSM Loggers

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